All of our private-sector technical trainers are H&M certified instructors who
augment their extensive field experience with regular participation i
n our
comprehensive "Train the Trainer" skills program. Students are a
ssured of
the highest quality technical instruction, expertly communicated.


As a well-coordinated, single-source provider, H&M training provides
a co
nsistency of approach addressing multi-level needs.


Off-the-shelf strategies cannot be met with off-the-shelf solutions. That's why
we customize our programs to meet the specifications, equipment requ
and schedules defined by our clients. In advance of instruction, al
l training programs include a comprehensive needs analysis to define goals and
pectations and ensure program success.


We come to you. As part of our mobile training program, H&M's philosophy is
"suitcase" instructors, equipment, and supplies to requested locations, a
service t
hat is especially crucial in tight labor markets.


Our training is customized to meet local needs. Since we work closely with
customers to e
nsure cost-effective, quality, and uniform programs, you will see
immediate and
visible post-program productivity from graduates. In many cases,
the cost of our
training can be deferred via government funding.