Where There’s Power, There’s Henkels & McCoy

Having built and engineered millions of miles of distribution lines that connect millions of homes and businesses to the power they need, our distribution work touches nearly every corner of the countryHenkels & McCoy provides construction, engineering, and maintenance services on energized, de-energized, aerial and overhead, and underground distribution facilities for a wide variety of utility, industrial, and municipal customers

We rely on cutting-edge techniques, expertly trained people, and the most advanced equipment in the industry to achieve our customers' objectives. Every distribution project we undertake is executed with careful planning, safe execution, precise project management, and the highest levels quality and performance.


Construction Services

  • Aerial, overhead, and underground plant construction
  • Manholes / vault section construction
  • Rebuild, reconductor, and green field

Engineering & Design Services

  • Manholes / vault surveying
  • Planning and permitting
  • Row survey / acquisition
  • Co-occupancy planning / acquisition
  • Pole attachment engineering
  • Relocation coordination and planning
  • Construction coordination
  • Enterprise asset management