Project Management
Project Management

Project Management Processes, Systems, and Procedures

Henkels & McCoy Inc. strives to deliver high quality work for our clients. To do this, we know we must continuously enhance and strengthen our work product and processes – and our project management approach reflects this commitment and has become an integral part of our company culture.

It’s so critical to our success that we’ve developed a model specifically for it. It’s called the Connected Infrastructure Model™, and it ensures that we consistently and seamlessly execute all of the fundamental parts and processes of infrastructure projects.

Anchored by our project management processes, systems, and procedures and supported by skilled, passionate people, the Connected Infrastructure Model™ drives results from project planning to implementation.

Our Commitment to Project Management

  • Robust internal Project Management Organization (PMO)
  • Project management training on planning, scheduling, cost management, risk management, leadership, and communications skills
  • Project management systems and enterprise software tools to access project data at any time, on-site or off-site
  • Work Management System that integrates financial and production tracking needs into a single comprehensive and customizable system
  • Accountability for tracking progress and exceeding overarching project goals