Emergency Response
Emergency Response

Getting Power to Those Who Need it Most

Dating back to 1938 when we responded to emergency needs after a hurricane in New England, our emergency response team has been among the most reliable in the industry. When disasters strike, we spring into action, working safely and swiftly to restore power to those who need it. We have more than 4,200 vehicles and equipment and thousands of workers ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, we have been on the ground to witness the tragic aftermath of some of the worst disasters in American history, from Hurricane Andrew to Hurricane Sandy. We take our role as critical responders seriously and are committed to working around the clock until every last home and business is back online.

Years of experience have taught us that when it comes to emergency response, one thing is clear: there is a significant difference between reacting and responding. Reactors operate in the moment. Responders perform through organization, communication, and lessons learned.

Henkels & McCoy responds.

Emergency Response Capabilities

  • National response
  • 24/7 transmission and distribution maintenance